The biggest benefits of social media marketing is delivering online content can be the most cost-effective. These tips can further assist small business owners for time-saving on social media engagement:

Build A Strategy
Build and stand by your social media strategy to enable you to engage with your audience before jumping on any social platform for the sake of just being there.

Value Your Time
Value your time, your audience and especially value the social media content you deliver. There are lots of small businesses out there spending hours on social media platforms, but they aren’t "doing" anything resembling effective social media marketing. They’re just there, observing, posting random stuff and wasting their time.

Use Technology
There are loads of time saving technology to help pre-scheduling social media content, try HootSuite. It’s a simple, intuitive, and results-focused content management platform, which also delivers brilliant analytics.

Don't Be Afraid To Use Analytics
Any marketing activity including social media marketing needs to monitor and measure itself, to see how effective it really is over a period of time. Use analytics, via Google, Facebook Insights, Social Flow and HootSuite to monitor and measure what works and what misses the mark in terms of social media engagement.

Use Your Blog
An effective blog is also an excellent tool for giving structure, substance and social media content across the whole mix of platforms you’re engaging on. I use my blogging schedule as an invaluable way to keep my time-saving on social media marketing in the front of my mind and relevant to the entire range of outbound content. Remember to drive traffic to your blog daily.

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